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EISi is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on the intersection of technology, law and information society. EISi serves as a non-academic centre for research of internet law and intellectual property law. Moreover, we actively fight for rights and freedoms of internet users, consumers and service providers.

web: http://eisionline.org/index.php/en/


The project not only builds the new ICT technology but it also serves as the security and protection tool for a company´s ICT. The purpose of this project and product is to protect and provide the security for an ICT infrastructure and to its most valuable assets, the data. In terms of the project features, the data cross correlates from the very different resources. In this way, the specific methods and techniques are being used in order to reach as highest credibility and security as possible. Being concrete, this project leverages and deploys honeypots. HoneyLOG represent the information system, which learns from the previous attacks and attack solutions, and it analyses the current state. In addition, the HoneyLOG evaluates all the attack possibilities using various predictive methods. 

web: http://honeylog.eu/



web: http://bezadis.eu/